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DJ Spider selects vinyl for this NWS Cast #17

"Who is Spider?"
Well, we first heard of DJ Spider through Anton Zap when he was visiting Denmark some time ago. I remember standing on the dancefloor at the Dunkel Bar thinking: "What is this deep stomping tune?" So I asked Anton and with a smile he said: "Dj Spider out of New York." I looked to the floor and saw the Spider tune working its magic to the crowd.

  Spider is from the Bronx in New York City, a city that in the 80's and 90's was on the forefront of house productions and still continues to innovate it's musical creativity, reflecting passion for dance music i.e. music you are supposed to dance to. Spider - being unknown to most people in Europe - is far from new to the game. He has been working hard for several years with his crew from New York hosting underground parties and releasing records under several monikers and collaborations on his imprint Plan B Recordings. Plan B is run by him and his good friend and also producer and DJ, Lola aka Dakini9. This guy is truly doing it himself! He is a passionate producer and DJ who is loved and supported by all the "New York artists" such as Jus-Ed, Levon Vincent, DJ Qu etc. 

  I (Samuel "Sapriori") played a track by Spider on one of my radio shows some months back (the track was Jungle Juice, also featured in this mix) and a friend from Aarhus and also a NWS Cast DJ, Anders Vendelbo, happened to also have a profound love for Spider and since then I have seen nothing but growing knowledge in Denmark about Spider and the Plan B crew.

I am happy to say that NWS will host more casts in the future from this crew. I had a talk with Spider about his history, the underground scene in New York, his passion and asked him to explain to us what he and his crew is about.

Q: Is there anything we should know about the mix?

A: I did this mix in my studio, here in the Bronx, New York. This is an all vinyl mix so I played on my Technics 1200MK2's & all in one take. When I record podcasts I basically play the same way that I do when I'm in the club. I usually play loud & I tend to envision a crowd of dancers in front of me who would be dancing to the beats. This keeps me in the mood & helps me stay focused on delivering my message through the music. Also, I always play a lot of tracks from myself & my peers. My crew is always sending me music that they make & we all share our songs with each other, so I have a lot of original material to present to my audience. This has helped me mold my style over the years, because I always play unreleased material in my sets.

Q: With NWS we want to promote vinyl. Why do you play vinyl?

A: I love vinyl & I have thousands of records! I grew up in the 70's, so that's all we had & I was obsessed with music & my records! 8 track cassettes were around too, but they faded quickly & then the cassette moved in it's place. All of my youth I was collecting records & cassettes, so when I began mixing house music I gravitated towards vinyl only DJ sets. I do play a few CD's now when I DJ, but only to play music that I make which I haven't pressed up yet onto vinyl, or I play other rare tunes on CD. The true art form of the DJ is physical & playing vinyl is also a very rewarding experience too. Vinyl sounds the best to me & it also lasts forever, if you take care of your records. Also, I love to be in control of the speed of the record as it spins & I enjoy digging through my records when searching for the next one to play. I remember tracks better when I see the label on the record & even the grooves on the record. I form a bond with every record that I own & they are all a part of me, so I share many feelings with each record. As well as being able to see the music by looking at the grooves on the record you can see where you are when playing a track, the break, vocals & more are all there for you to see in the grooves & it takes many years to perfect the craft. Also, it's like any other true art form in the way that you can always learn something new when you DJ with vinyl!! In this present day of DJ's, you have the choice whether to play vinyl, CD's, files off of your laptop, tape or even set up any number of musical tools & machines to play electronic music live on the spot, so there are a lot of options to choose from to create something special through your DJ set. I'm sure I'll continue to include vinyl into my sets for many years to come & I encourage new DJ's to explore the art of mixing records too.

Q: You produce, master, promote and release stuff yourself. What do you gain by doing it yourself?

A: Yes, I produce, master & engineer music as well as promote & release music on my three imprints. Dakini9 & I run Plan B Recordings together, but I run a sub label called Sublevel Sounds, which is where I release my other tracks on full length CD albums. I also have an ambient, industrial noise label called Beneath The Underground Music (BTU Music), which I also run on my own. I currently record under 5 names, DJ Spider, Kuru, Alarma!, Spider Bites & Bomb Site. I have a few other projects in the works, but I haven't released music under those monikers yet. All of my projects have a very distinct sound & I love to experiment with recording techniques, equipment, ideas & concepts. There are many things to gain by doing it on our own, but we are all in this together as a community. I have help from Lola aka Dakini9 with Plan B Recordings & we deal with our distributor directly who is just like us in the way of serving the music & the scene because we all love it & grew up around & in it! I also, like to know what's going on with the releases & I always have an opinion on the music, so we hand pick every track & idea for the releases. We put the artwork together ourselves with the artists to manifest their ideas for each release too. We have an amazing web designer who maintains our www.planbrecordingsnyc.com website & then we do all of our own promotion & networking. It is my full time job, so I basically do it every day.

Q: Tell us about your business, I get the impression you are a very busy man working all sorts of stuff?

A: Yes, my official business is SM Productions, which stands for Spider Music Productions. I live in my studio, so I run my business from my studio & I work 7 days a week. Most of my waking hours are spent dealing with music in some way or another. I produce my own music, I'm a musician & I engineer at my studio by mixing down & mastering peoples music & recording live sessions there too. Music is my life & I live it everyday. It truly is a lifestyle & a culture. I am a struggling artist who makes due with what he has. It's the same with most other full time musicians. I grew up in & around poverty, so I'm used to it. This is one of the most expensive cities to live in, so in order to maintain, you have to work your ass off & it's especially hard for us, because when trying to sell underground music is much harder than selling popular music! I love my work, so I'm happy every day & I plan to do this for the rest of my life. I also promote for other labels & parties too, so I'm out in the clubs several nights of the week networking with people in the scene & that has always given me an edge I believe.

Q: How is the scene in New York? You do some parties there right?

A: The underground scene in New York is good & it's pretty busy. I'm very grateful to be in such a busy musical environment where one can go out & hear underground electronic music almost every night. The clubs have changed over the years in some ways, but there are still lots of parties daily here. Sometimes you do have to travel into uncharted territory to get to a few of the warehouse parties, but at least there are a lot of people throwing underground parties with some cool music & good DJ's. There have been many regulations on the clubs in the last 10 years that have pushed promoters out of the night clubs & back into warehouses & lofts, but that has made some of the parties more raw again. I do still throw parties here in New York & now I have a new party that I put together with label mate Dakini9. The party is called "Moldavite" & we did one last month with our good friend Keith Worthy from Detroit (Aesthetic Audio). The next one is Friday, January 20th, 2012 & our friend & crew member Hakim Murphy will be here from Chicago. This will be his first time playing in New York & he just released an EP on Plan B Recordings called "Sampled Dreams", so we will have those for sale there too. We plan on building this party around our crew with myself & Dakini9 as the resident DJ's. We always play vinyl & we plan on incorporating some live sets in the future too. Our parties are geared towards the heads who know the art form & culture of DJ's & Dancers in the underground house & techno scene. Lastly, we always have merchandise available, so anyone who visits our party from anywhere in the world can always be sure to leave with some great music of ours to take with them.

Q: Tell us about your crew and what they mean to you?

A: My crew is based around the artists on my labels as well as the Vanguard Crew which is Myself, Amir Alexander, Chris Mitchell, Dakini9, Hakim Murphy, Miles 'Mauser' Holt & G. Marcell. Here in New York I have Dakini9, Marshallito & DJ Courage from the Plan B label, but I work with & support nearly everyone in the underground in some way or another, but my close friends who I work with & help out are all family to me. This is a community of like minded individuals who all love deep, underground, electronic dance music! They mean everything to me & I couldn't do all of this without them! Also, this culture has spread worldwide, so I have friends & artists all over the world who I communicate & work with. 
  I plan on doing some traveling overseas in 2012, so if anyone is interested in booking me or anyone in my crew, feel free to contact us at smproductionsnyc@gmail.com

A big shout out to Sapriori, Chris Cheops & the whole NWS Crew!!!

Peace, Spider
December, 2011

All vinyl NWS Cast (1 hr. & 29 min.)

1 - E.M.P.B. (white label) - Hakim Murphy
2 - Jungle Juice - DJ Spider
3 - White Rhino - Amir Alexander
4 - Sound Of Thought - Rod Modell
5 - Solomn Days - Levon Vincent
6 - Wicked Priest - DJ Spider
7 - Black Ops - Amir Alexander & Dakini9
8 - I Didn't Need You - Carter Brothers
9 - Sharp Senses - Hakim Murphy
10 - Tribal Mechanism - DJ Spider
11 - Recovery Idea - Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix
12 - Mountain006.2 - Mountain People
13 - Storm - Jeroen Search
14 - Get Sum - DJ Qu
15 - Gesloten Cirkel - Ratsnake
16 - Dancin - Mauser
17 - Untitled (white label) - Ryan Brogan
18 - Was A Dog A Doughnut - Cat Stevens
19 - Untitled (white label) - Millie & Andrea
20 - A Diet Of Speed & Beer - Wolf Eyes

DOWNLOAD LINK: Click here!

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LAAK - NWS Cast #16

I remember when I first stumbled upon LAAK soundsnippets on the online record store. I heard two tracks and hit the "BUY"-button - it went right in! I hadn't heard of LAAK before nor the label Austere. These guys where doing it all by themselfes.

So about the mix... a few weeks ago our local Danish DJ Anders Vendelbo made a raw house mix for us as the 15th NWS Cast, and to follow up on that, we've invited LAAK (Austere) to do a house mix. What they sent us is amazing and we are very thrilled to have the guys be a part of the NWS Cast. The mix makes us smile and dance. It's uplifting and that's just what people need during this cold and dark winter. We talked with LAAK asking them about their label and views on vinyl.

Q: Tell us about LAAK? You are two guys in the project right?
A: yeh that's right were just 2 guys and we'rejust basically doing our thing!

Q: You've had three releases on Austere and they seem to be ripped away very fast. What is Austere and why have you started your own label for your productions?  

A: Austeres all about giving people good quality music in it's rawest form!! We're not into any frills!! We just want to release real music that the true deep house heads will appreciate! Kinda like how it used to be back in the day!!

Q: What inspires you to make the music you do and play the records you play?
A: We have such a vast array of musical influences which between us is very eclectic, so it's quite difficult to explain how we draw inspiration... But lets just say if it sounds good we'll play it regardless the genre of music!

Q: What are your views on Vinyl? 
A: It's just crazy to think that there's dj's out there and they probably never owned vinyl! We're all for bringing back vinyl hence our releases being on vinyl only! There's nothing like the touch, feel and sound of a record :))

onsdag den 5. oktober 2011

NWS cast #15 is brought to you by Anders Vendelbo

Last time we had Oskar Offerman and Edward on the decks making a great contribution for the cast. Now it is time for a new mix and this time it is all about paying a tribute to some of the great upcoming DJ's we've got in Denmark. Anders Vendelbo is surely an upcoming guy from Århus and is a good friend of ours. He has made a great deep mix even though he usually is known for his tight techno-sets. We have made an interview so you guys can get a bigger picture who Anders is! 

Q: Who is Anders Vendelbo? Tell us a bit about who you are!

A: I’m 22 and from Århus, working as a chef in a small place in Århus. Besides being chef I’m in love with music and have been a DJ for 3 years

Q: Try to describe the house scene in Århus!

A: The house scene is extremely small in Århus. Though we are a couple of people who join the events every weekend to keep the scene alive. Furthermore we got some DJ’s who really manage to show their love for the music when they play!

Q: I know you normally play techno. So how was it to record this mix for NWS?

A: Yes I do! But at the time goes by I play more and more house. I had a lot of fun recording the mix. A lot of the tracks have been my favorites for a long time and therefore it was a pleasure finally creating a mix with those tracks.

Q: Do you think there are any pro’s and con’s playing techno and house?  

A: No, not at all. It’s all about combining the tracks in the right way.

Q: Last but not least: What do you think about vinyl?

A: Its funnier to play with vinyl and it takes a lot more craftsmanship spinning vinyls. Vinyl gives you something to care about. My vinyls are some of the most fragile things I’ve got and I can spend a lot of time putting them into order, listening to them, feeling them etc. And you still hear the big vinyl-DJ’s fuckup sometimes and that’s important! There isn’t anything that is more boring to hear an Ableton DJ play 5 hours without making any mistakes. That just doesn’t happen on vinyl! 

DJ: Anders Vendelbo

Soundcloud link: http://soundcloud.com/nws-cast/anders-vendelbo-podcast-nws

No tracklist, request track ID if needed

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Edward & Oskar Offermann - NWS Cast #014

                               (left: Oskar Offermann. right: Edward)

It's been a little while since the last NWS Cast, but we are back bigtime!!! 

Edward and Oskar Offermann from Berlin recorded the mix exclusively for NWS and we are proud to have them join the cast. As usual with  NWS we asked them a few questions about their history, visions and the mix.... and of course it's vinyl only!

Q: So you are good friends right? How did you meet?

Yeah, we are very good friends. Basically we both come from the Frankfurt and we knew each other from there. But we weren't close until we've met again in Berlin about 7 years ago.

Q: What are the reasons the two of you got into house music? 

House music !

Q: The White and Aim labels has had a good start and is now well established. In your opinion what's the reason in starting your own label and not just signing with some other label?

More flexibility with all the basic decisions. We like developing a good products from the early start until the final end. The "You said party, I said maybe" release from us on WHITE is a very good example, why we like to do it our own way.

Q: How did this mix happen? And do you want to hightlight a track or two?

We wanted to do a mix which is not characterized by great ups and downs but a warm and calm feeling which is long lasting. So every track is kind of a highlight to us. Besides the classics, Moomin's wonderfull work describes most precisely what the mix wants to say. His 12" "Heads or Tails" will be out on WHITE soon.

Q: You live in Berlin, as do thousands of other DJ's and producers. What do you like in particular in the Berlin Underground House Scene?

I don't think you can really call it "underground". It is a very huge, and variable scene. There are big big clubs which are packed weekend after weekend with thousands of people. The quality is still very good. But it doesn't feel like underground at all. Basically every grandmother is a DJ in Berlin...

Q: What are you views on vinyl? Why do you play vinyl?

Playing vinyl affects everything: the mix, the sound, your creativity, the crowd.... Its the most naturall way to express yourself as a DJ. We are very curious where the future takes us, but until now, NO digital set we've heard touched us the way vinyl can.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Click here to start downloading

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Imugem Orihasam Shares Ol' Vinyl on the NWS Cast #013

Not many pictures can be found of Imugem Orihasam. That kind of adds to the whole presumption many people have about the Japanese being a modest and humble people. Having got to know Imugem some bit that presumption has for me become an awareness. On the north island of Japan, long away from Tokyo Imugem resides making some of the deepest tunes of electronic music coming out of Japan. He releases on Ilian Tape, Finale Sessions, Esperanza and the new Berlin label Nsyde Music This is a personality we at NWS want to meet musically. This set is much like the cassette mixtapes a lot of us made back in the day for our own - or some loved one's - listening pleasure. Your selector Imugem Orihasam says "hi!":

Q: Tell us about yourself Imugem. You are working with public
transportation right? 

A: My name is Imugem Orihasam, I was born and raised in Japan.
I was making Hip Hop music in the mid 90's-2001 and I met great old music and vinyls all over the world through Hip Hop artists who sampled music like DJ Premire, Pete Rock, Main Source etc... It's things what I never heard before. Also in those days I was working for a second hand vinyl shop, in there I found some great records and met some collectors too. So this is an introduction to my music as far as I remember.  Now I am working with transportation yes. That's not good. But I lessen time there and I want to spend more time making music.
Q: Japan is known among DJ's from Europe and the US, to be a place for
some really amazing parties. What's the scene like over there?

A: To be honest I don't go to parties - well, though I think it's not bad, it's not big like Europe though (some friends of mine are trying to some goods as the best).

Q: You are not a DJ you told me, but still you made this amazing mix,
which I really connect too. The music reminds me soo much of all the
cool tracks I heard when growing up. Is that what you had in mind with
this mix or is it something ells?

A: I sold lot's of vinyls for money and I know there is strong vinyl collectors in the world and I am no match for them. So songs in this mix are just what I like. Much respect to all songs and artists that's included in this mixtape.

Q: Tell us about your productions. What is your aim with your music?

A: I'm doing mainly 4/4 electronic music now, people grasp that kind of dance music. That's very nice but I don't care about danceable or not. Also I think music is not just style. I want to expand capacity as inside of myself and should challenge various things that I never did before - I don't finish in only one field, that's my aim.
Also currently I should get more and more vinyl releases ... Especially I want to do more Techno than my previous releases.

Q: What are you views on vinyl?

A: Vinyl is very good, but music is most important. That's what I think.
More of my vinyl releases coming very soon, check me out!
Thanks Samuel for all, big up to labels and all the parties concerned, big love to my wife Megumi.

DJ: Imugem Orihasam

torsdag den 12. maj 2011

Esther Duijn gives you NWS Cast #012

picture: Esther in the mix!

We're back once again people!

This time Esther Duijn from the Netherlands brings you a cool mix. Many things can be said about Esther: She's talented both as a DJ and as a producer, she's beautiful and she's a vinyl enthusiast - a collector who is passionate about the analouge media. Esther Duijn first cought our attention when the D.A.D. (a collaboration between Esther, Steady Douglas and Anonym) EP from the label Exquisite Music came out in 2009. Her ability to bring soul and groove into her production and mixes is outstanding and turns everything she touches into a deep story that will keep you intrigued by it. 

She recently signed with our friends from Geography Records and just released the debut EP on the label Feel Harmonic with Steady Douglas and with a remix from Anton Zap himself.

NWS is all about the personal stuff so we wanted to give the listeners and readers a chance to meet Esther in the form of a little interview:

Q: Who is Esther Duijn? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Esther: Duijn (last name sounds like "Dune").. I have been a electronic music lover since 11 years old, started playing records at 15. The way producers & dj’s created a fantasy world with these rhythmic electronic sounds inspired me to make & play the music I loves so much. I have been collecting vinyls for over a decade now. And started making music about 4 years ago. Music is my first love and it will be my last lol =)

Q: You recently signed with swedish Geography Records who are friends of NWS and only does vinyl releases. How did you meet the guys and what's the pros and cons with vinyl-only releases do you think?

Esther: I have had the privilege to play in both Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmo. I met the Geography boys through the guys who booked me in Gothenburg (Fabian, Alex, Goran etc). It was a mouth 2 mouth add actually to be honest. And Adam and Oscar listened to my sets and our Duijn & Douglas releases and they liked it.. So they booked me and one thing lead to the other. Both Steady Douglas and me are proud to be artists on this HQ deep label!!
Also you asked about vinyl only releases.. There are a couple of labels we work with that do vinyl-only and I love that. I am a vinyl dj  by heart, as I mentioned before I collect vinyls myself. So when Steady and me release tracks they have to be pressed on vinyl. But as evolution is undeniable I do see the benefit of doing a digi-release next to vinyls. So I prefer myself that the vinyl is released and after a month the digi comes as well... We can't deny the new technology. Though for me personally I always play the vinyl iso the digital.

Q: You also just released a track on Feel Harmonic with Steady Douglas. I know you have worked with him for a long time but how did you come to work together?

Esther: I meet Steady Douglas 4 years ago at a local Amsterdam event called Voidd, He was involved with Voidd for many years and they asked me if I wanted to come and play for them.. He has been making music from the time you still cut tape to sample sounds and I was just working on making music myself for a little while. I asked him if he could teach me some stuff and we sat together. It turned out we had an amazing click, he liked my deep approach on music and I think he is a groovemaster pur sang.. We became very good friends in the process so Duijn & Douglas was born.

Q: About the set. It has a deep dubby vibe this one, What is it about the genre that speaks to you? and what does it say? :-)

Esther: I have always been fascinated about the deeper sounds of electronic music weather it is deephouse, deep disco dub, deep detroit techno. I like to find new ways to approach that deeper sound. Sometimes I play mixes that are purely one style but for this mix I mixed dubtechno & the deeper chicago sound in a more uptempo vibe.. for me all my sets represent what I love and I want to share my love with you... so I hope you love it too ;)

DJ:   Esther Duijn

Downloadlink: http://soundcloud.com/nws-cast/esther-duijn-nws-cast-012/download 

onsdag den 20. april 2011

Sapriori & Chris Cheops deliver NWS Cast #011

 pic 1: Chris Cheops

pic 2: Sapriori

So the place was Kolding, a small city in the outskirts of Denmark where some good friends of us threw a party to bring housemusic to the province. The place was crowded with highschool kids wanting to have a good time, so we, Christoffer aka Chris Cheops and I (Sapriori) wanted to give them some great partytunes. We recorded some of it and really want to share this timepocket with you. The mix serves great as a partystarter so download it and play at your warmup parties or take it with you on your iPod.

Chris and I asked each other a few questions so here we go:


Chris: Define your style as a DJ and as a producer furthermore how you have developed over years

Sapriori: Well, it's kind of hard at this point because I have so many urges as direct respons to my mood. When people ask me what style I am playing I am usually just saying: "What everybody ells is playing," since the term Deep House or just House is vague to people nowadays. People have a veeery defined and specific taste in house and techno which can of course be a good thing, but too often it is accompanied by a rather shut and closed attitude towards other electronic genres and sounds. Good comes in all shapes, I believe, and what I try to do with my DJ sets is the same as my productions. I respond to a mood with different sounds and grooves. I think every DJ and producer does that and if not it's just too bad - and impersonal! So with this mix me and Chris was in the party zone and we both have a love for 90's house with a twist of UK Garage, so we tried to incorporate that in the mix - it will get you in the mood, I'm telling you!!

Chris: What's your inspiration?

Sapriori: Lot's of things! Sunsets, moonlight and oddly enough silence is very moving. But also the roughness and boldness of producers like DJ Qu and Omar S. Fred P's stuff I feel connected to, because it has this melancholic beautiful atmospheric improvising spirit about it. That comes from the heart regardless of rulesets! Some inspirations from back in the day: Alan Parsons Project, Boards of Canada, Underworld, Pink Floyd, Lightnin' Hopkins, Miles Davis to name a few.

Chris: Tell us about your recent work and your new/upcoming releases

Sapriori: I have spent the last few months fooling around with minimal house and dusty tough deep house trying to expand my borders as a producer. Just released an EP on Tzinah (some tracks I did a year ago). A few releases are coming up too: one on StudieStrasse, one on Monique Musique with remixes from my friends Egal 3 and MHM 1 and one on Nsyde Music, which I am especially excited about since it's on vinyl and it will be released under my real name Samuel André Madsen, cus I have a special connection to those songs... you know: no trouble, no blues, no good music.... ha!

Sapriori: So what are you up to? Tell us about your production, DJ'ing and party Flak:

Chris: I'm still a young kid, so I'm on my last year of high school. But besides school I have always been into music. Since I were 12 years old I have been playing bass. Later on I got hooked on DJ'ing since I bought my first 1210's as a 15 year old kid. I started playing tech house but after hearing some old school DJ sets made by Sneak, Lil Louis etc. I got hooked on house from all over the world. Especially the New York, Chicago and Detroit sound inspired and still inspires me a lot. I've just started producing my own stuff that could be defined as something in between oldschool house and deep house. It is kinda hard to define my music at this point of my producing period, since I have so many ideas that should be put into context and hopefully the outcome of my ideas will be positive. I update my soundcloud nearly every week with new wips and soon I think I will put an EP together with some of my finished work. I started a club called Flak in October 2010 with two friends in Århus that puts a greater focus on underground house music. We love to bring in live acts since it gives something extra for the audience and in general for the whole club-experience. We have presented acts such as Skudge, Dana Ruh, Soundstream, And.ID, Shlomi Aber and 2400 Operator. The 6'th of May Kink will play a live-set that will be awesome (hopefully), and then we will take a summer break and maybe return even stronger to the danish club scene!

Sapriori: You live in Aarhus - a city that over the past year or two has become associated with heavier bookings and parties - what's the story and when did you become a part of the movement?

Chris: Well I think the scene in Århus has been progressing during more than five years. There has always been a house and techno scene but it was more local or national DJ's who played around Århus in more or less small places. I'm not that old yet, so I tell what I have heard through other friends from Århus. But since the last part of the 90's and in the start/mid 2000 the house and techno has been in growth with rave-parties in big warehouse buildings, heavier bookings and of course a bigger crowd. I think I became a part of the movement when I played the first time at a club called Swingerklubben (Swingerclub) in 08/09, where acts such as Wareika and the Keinemusik-crew have played. And in these days we got Flak and of course the Vektor crew who has build up a great club where they have presented Ben Klock, Tama Sumo, Nick Höppner, Deetron, Scuba and many more. The crowd still wants more and therefore I think the scene will be progressing very positive during the next couple of years, since we got some young minds that really are into good quality electronic music!

Sapriori: We have just past the Record Store Day and the discussion going on is whether or not the analog wax deserves increased attention or should fade away. Why do you prefer vinyl?

Chris: This is a hard discussion since the digitalization age is over us and sooooo many(!) people love the new way of deejaying. Personally I prefer vinyl because I love to feel and touch what I am playing, I love the sound and shortly I love everything about vinyl. I think it is fair that some people chooses to play digital, but I know that there is a market for analogue wax these days and of course it should stay. It is a special feeling that I can't describe when I get my box of 12'', and I open the box and put a new record on my technics. I've spent much money on both the vinyls themselves but also the freight and it is so satisfying to feel and listen to what you have spent almost all your salary on. It is a hobby for me and it is even more satisfying that you can share the hobby by playing the 12'' for the crowd in the club every Friday night.

Sapriori: And last but not least: Tell us about the night this mix was recorded and if there's anything in particular with the mix we should know?

Chris: Yeah, we had some fun by doing this mix and it is really my style of house. We did not talk much about how the set was going to be, only that it should be funky and housy and that deal went, in my opinion, very well. It consists of some old school records from the 90's such as a garage classic that I've been playing the last months. And my partner in crime, Sapriori, did well too by choosing his tracks carefully. The mixtape really fits into a warmup for a good clubnight with the friends, so please enjoy and feel the party mood!

DJ's: Chris Cheops & Sapriori
Recorded at a party in the province of Denmark


1. Leif - So Long (feat. Donna Lea)

2. Jordan Peak - Kooch

3. The Martinez Brothers - The Causeway

4. Joss Moog - Room 27

5. DJ Sneak - Smokey Hill Street

6. Phil Weeks & Joss Moog - Over like a that track

7. 24 Hr Experience - B2

8. DJ Sneak - Che-Chez Fame

9. 24 Hr Experience - Allnighter

10. Tuff Jam - Key dub (version99)

11. CVO - Mighty Real Groove

12. Jolynn Murray - It's time to party

13. MCDE - There is a truth (feat. Stee Downes)

14. Ladzinsk - All night

15. Gemini - How Can I

16. Walt J - Divinity EP (A1)

17. Kerri v Nina - Westwind

18. Soundstream - Dance with me

19. Audio Werner - ?

20. Fries & Bridges - Just because (ghetto mix)

Downloadlink: Download

torsdag den 31. marts 2011

NWS Cast turns 10!!! Danish talent Dee Brown is on!

So let me start with saying that this is BIG

Dee Brown aka Daniel Bruhn Jensen is probably the youngest active DJ in Copenhagen. Only 15 years old!!!!!... Which means he's not even old enough to hit the clubs, but that doesn't stop him from doing so! So when NWS got to know this kid it turned out that not only was Dee Brown an aspiring talent, but skilled too. His taste is refined and mature which you will hear yourself on this 10th episode of the NWS Cast. 

After doing this mix in the north west of Copenhagen NWS had a little chat with him.

Q: Who is Daniel Bruhn Jensen apart from Dee Brown?

Like any other 15 year old I go to school, but apart from that I'm all about music. Besides DJ'ing and producing, I've been playing guitar for nearly 4 years. I was actually a little heavy metal head once, and that's (believe it or not) what inspired me to get into music. Bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden was a huge inspiration back then, but I slowly moved away from it, and I now play more alternative rock and blues like for example Radiohead, Them Crooked Vultures, Eric Clapton and Guthrie Govan.

Q: You are one of the youngest DJ's in Denmark. What is the ups and downs being a young DJ?

One of the downs if of course being young. It's hard to get into some clubs and even harder to get the connections you need to play at that club someday.
One of the ups is that I think it's easier to break through when you're young, as you probably get more attention if you play well, compared to if an adult DJ plays well.

Q: Why did you become a DJ? Where do you get your inspiration?

My brother Mads (Jazz Menson/Massimo - Studiestrasse Records) introduced me to house music in 2009 and I immediately got hooked, which resulted in Mads' giving me his 2 CDJ's and mixer in october 2009. Since then I haven't been able to go one day without spinning. Mads is without doubt my biggest source of inspiration. He has introduced me to a world that I have come to love more than pretty much anything else.

Q: What are your views on vinyl?

I got a love/hate relationship to vinyl. There's just something special about having a vinyl record compared to a CD or mp3 file on your computer. The format, the artwork and the sheer weight of the record. It's just way more "satisfying" to play vinyl compared to CDs. On the other hand I hate vinyl, because I can't resist buying new records every month, and since I don't have a job, I'm totally broke after each time I buy records haha. But it's totally worth it. I'll never stop supporting vinyl.

Q: What do you have in store for the NWS listeners with this mix?

Deeeeeep tunage! I had in mind to give the listeners something that would be great to get you grooving before hitting the town, and I'm very happy about how it turned out. Recorded it at Sapriori's place on 2x Technics 1210 mk5 and a Allen & Heath Xone 42.

Q: Rumor has it you've started to produce also? 

Yes that's right. I haven't had a lot of time to produce lately because of exams coming up and stuff, but ill be putting up previews on my soundcloud asap, so stay tuned!

Q: Without a doubt you must have many exciting years ahead of you. What are you up to? What are your dreams and hopes? 

I'm up to quite a lot at the moment actually. Got some gigs in the next couple months at Dunkel, Bakken and KB18. Really looking forward to them all, especially the one at KB18, as it is me and two friends who are arranging it!
I don't really got any dreams or plans for the future. I'm just going to keep on working as hard as I can and see where it takes me.

DJ: Dee Brown

1. Anton Zap - 38 - Ethereal Sound
2. DJ Spider - Antikythera Mechanism - Plan B Recordings
3. RNDN - Third Hand Smoke - Laid
4. Homework - Sunday Sun - Enterbt
5. BLM & Pawas - Waiting Game - Sudden Drop
6. Anton Zap - Can't Tell You - Ethereal Sound
7. Homework - Back Fourth - Enterbt
8. John Roberts - Relate - Laid
9. Soundstream - Deeper Love - Soundstream
10. Shakarchi & Straneus - Iraq - Geography Records
11. Audio Soul Project - Call Of Grace (Milton Jackson Remix) - Fresh Meat
12. Unknown - STABLO9998_A - Stablo
13. The House Nerds - Library Session NO. 4 - House Nerds Audio
14. Soundstream - All Night - Soundstream

download from this soundcloudlink: Download

lørdag den 19. februar 2011

One of many reasons to play vinyl!

So here's an interesting interview with the founder of the popular and impecable Funktion One soundsystem. He talks about sound quality and how the digital age isn't satisfying to the human perception.
Stuff to think about!


tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

Meet Egal 3 on this NWS Cast #009

(Sorin in the back and Cezar in the front... together the best friends form Egal 3)

The past year has been a great year for the Romanian duo Egal 3 aka. Sorin (Vid) and Cezar. The usual sound hailing from the romanian producers are minimal and clean, but Egal 3 does it with a playful edge making their tracks and DJ'ing surprising and spicy. In this mix they also present some of their own productions.

Q: Who is Egal 3?

Sorin : Well Egal 3 it's me Sorin and my best friend Cezar we work together as a team
Cezar : Yes 

Q: What's the status of the vinyl in the romanian clubscene these days?

Cezar : Not so big , a few people play vinyl this days
Sorin : I think it's because of the money and the costs for a vinyl
Cezar : Hard Times
Sorin : Always ( Haha )

Q: You have released some interesting new stuff on many upcoming labels like Tzinah, Esemtrax, Dot One, Flappers but also a full lenght album on Monique Musique. With this huge export of there must be some tracks you like more than others?

Sorin : Sure we love all the Egal 3 & Vid songs we put alot of love in our tracks and hard work so all are favorite
Cezar : Well my favorite is Egal 3 - Camuflaj
Sorin : And my favorite is Egal - Prefer 

Q: Are you up for any big releases soon, you want NWS to know about?

Cezar : It's a secret but it's BIG
Sorin : Yes it's very very big , but for the moment we wait for our Remix Ep with remixes from Santos , Livio & Roby , Sehou 

Q: You are both young. What and who inspires you?

Cezar : It's hard work it's a struggle with your self but we love what we are doing . It's a Dream ( Dreams & You ) haha
Sorin : Everything inspires me but i think nature sounds, organic sounds inspires me the most 

Q: You say you used both 1210's and two cdj's. What are the CD's for?

Sorin : Cd's are only for unreleasead tracks made by us or friends so in our set we put
Sorin : A unsigned Vid track 
Cezar : And a track made by Sapriori ( You )

Q: Vinyl and/or digital?

Cezar : Both because if you play on Cds , Vinyl it doesn't matter the important thing is to make the crowd feel good and have a good time and dance dance dance
Sorin : But if you are trying to keep the underground music alive we'll play vinyl my friend 

DJ: Egal 3


1. ?
2. St.germain -  alabama blues ( todd edward dub mix )
3. Audio Werner - Easygoing
4. Loco dice - jacuzzi games
5. Frankie Foncett ( Nightlife) - Bounce
6. ?
7. Audio Werner - While 
8. Sapriori -  Sweet Dichotomy
9. Ricardo Villalobos - Frank Mueller Melodram
10. Vid - SimfoniaCodrului
11. Unknown Artist - Taj Mahal
12. Peace Division - Freak This
13. ?
14. Maurizio - Domina ( Maurizio Mix )

Sorin & Cezar ( Egal 3) / Monique Musique / Secouer Records / Potobolo : Good Luck with this for keepin the underground music alive and much love from Romania!

Downloadlink: http://www.mediafire.com/?lnun4vz9345z17r 
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søndag den 23. januar 2011

NWS Cast #008 with Jeremy (Undergroundparis)

Great pic by Tomska!! (Hope he wont mind us using it in favor of MLIU :S  )

A few months ago a great thing happened for vinyl lovers and house enthusiasts. A new french vinyl-only label launched. The name is My Love Is Underground and if you havn't checked it out you should!

The label faces are Jeremy (Undergroundparis) and Izmo aka. Brawther. Both are collectors and both walking wikipedias of house and raregrooves records. This knowledge has led them to the emergence of My Love Is Underground, a label to promote great house music... as they call it: Hardcore Deep House!

Jeremy handed over this mix he recorded himself as a promotion mix for one of their parties in december. Finally we will share it on this 8th episode of the NWS Cast. We are excited and really looking forward to releasing this mix to the NWS listeners. Please support this label and be quick buying their releases because they will for sure be out of stock in no time. Next EP out comes from Jerzzey Boy before long, so stay updated!!

Check out this cool mix and support the wax! 

DJ: Jeremy (Undergroundparis)

No tracklist.

Downloadlink: http://wtrns.fr/we9-1E5ab9rvMv
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mandag den 10. januar 2011

NWS cast #007 with Moomin

We’re starting the new year with the seventh contribution for the podcast series made by German upcoming house dj and producer Moomin. And we asked him a few questions:

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: Hi my name is Sebastian I live and work in Berlin

Q: What are your musical influences

A: I started to record music from the radio at the age of 4-5.
Due to a friend in the elementary school I got in touch with hip hop in 1991-92.
The radio was my media to connect to music. Radio stations like BFPS, NDR 4, Radio one , Radio X and Evo Sonic Radio took over the biggest part.
I even listened to a radio show on DR p3 with dj Knut and dj Peter in 1994 :)
However I would say my main musical influences are Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Jazz.

Q: What are you working on these days?

A: I work at a Berlin based company which produces software and hardware for producer`s and dj`s.

Q: You have been releasing on Aim and White in collaboration with Oskar Offermann. Can you describe your relationship to Oskar and the two labels?

A: Oskar and I are friends for over 12 years now. We started to make music together at that time, even though we lived in different cities.
Tristen, who owns Aim, is a close buddy from us, he knows our music and asked for two of our tracks.
I would like to mention that all people behind WHITE are realy closed friends for many years.
That`s why we released the "label family" ep named "tied together"

Q: Do you have any forthcoming tracks or gigs people shall pay attention to?

A: There will be my own ep on WHITE this year, maybe followed up by some other releases.

Q: What have you intended with the NWS mix? Is it for clubbing, sitting at home or the headphones?

A: It`s for you at home with tracks I use to play in clubs.

Q: Any tracks you want to highlight in the mix?

A: Some of the tunes are always in my bag plus
I added two tracks of my own. Perhaps you like them.

Q: What are your thoughts on vinyl these days?

A: I personally love, buy and play only Vinyl.

DJ: Moomin


1. Edward - viviens thieme
2. Moomin - sundaymoon
3. Newworldaquarium - trespass
4. Azymuth - jazz carnival (gb space jazz remix)
5. Chaton - +91 ahead session 1
6. France spangler - forever and a day
7. Oskar offermann - you said party
8. Circulation - patterins
9. Craig alexander - soul revival
10. Md jr. - a1 untitled
11. Moomin - chemist (dub)

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?k9pqfi3bolz54r6 (copy and paste to your browser)